Adding Users - Roles

If you have a team that wants to work together on multiple models, you can consider adding those members as Model Collaborators or Users

A Model Collaborator or User has access to single or multiple models in a company depending on the access provided and the specified role assigned. These specified roles allow performing only certain kinds of actions to the models to which they have access.

Adding a User

To invite a user, select the + button at the top center of the OnPlan platform, and select User from the Create New pop-up window. An Invite a new collaborator dialog box is displayed. 

Enter the details like the email address and name of the user. Select the specified role from the Permissions drop-down list like Owner, Creator, Contributor, Commenter, and Read-Only. Choose the models, scenarios, and sheets that you wish to give access to, and click Give Access. Select Send Invitation Email to receive an email of confirmation. 

A confirmation message is displayed. 

Alternatively, you can add a user from the Settings menu. Just go to the Settings menu at the top right-hand side of the platform, select Manage Permissions, and click the + Invite collaborator button at the bottom left-hand side of the Permissions window. You will see the same Invite a new collaborator dialog box as earlier. After entering the user details, send the invitation email. 

Viewing the Users

In the Manage Permissions window, you can view a list of users, along with the newly added user, their specified roles, and the models, scenarios, and sheets to which they have access. 

Removing a User

To remove a user, select the Remove User button below the name of the user that you wish to remove. A dialog box will pop up, select Remove

A confirmation message is displayed.

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