Adding your first block to a model

The best way to add a block to a model is to go ahead and add one to a model. Blocks can be of different types based on the type of sheet you choose.

In a time-based sheet, you have Series and KPI blocks. The Series block will display data in the form of bar, line, and area charts. The KPI chart gives information about the current performance of a company.

In a lookup sheet, you have a Lookup chart. The Lookup chart will display data in the form of line, bar, area, pie, or donut. 

To add a chart to a model, select a sheet from the left nav panel, whether time-based or lookup.

Let's add your first chart to a time-based sheet.
Example: Capacity

On the top-right corner, select the chart icon. A chart panel will be displayed above your sheet in the first half of your OnPlan platform.

By default, the chart name will be Chart 1. To rename the chart name, select the drop-down menu and then select the Edit icon. Add a new chart name and press Enter to save.

Select Modify Axis; a dialog box will be displayed. Select the chart type, whether line, bar, or area. Select the toggle button to Stack your chart.
You can either use the lowest and highest value data point or set the lowest and highest value. For now, we will not set any values.

To add a new data series, select the "+" button. A dialog box will be displayed, where you can choose the data for the Left and Right axis by selecting the toggle button. To display data in the chart panel, select the On button placed before the list of row names in the dialog box.

You will notice that the selected row numbers added to the axis are highlighted in different colors. You can choose any point on the chart, and it will highlight the data in the cell. Also, you can zoom in and zoom out the chart for detailed analysis.

Once you save your chart, you need to add it to your dashboard. To add a chart to your dashboard, in the chart panel on the top-right corner, select + Add to Dashboard.
A dialog box will pop up, select Dashboard from the drop-down list, and then select Add to Dashboard. You can also create a new dashboard. A confirmation message will be displayed.

You can see your chart on the OnPlan dashboard. You can drag and drop to rearrange the position of your charts on the dashboard.

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