Arranging your charts on the dashboard

A dashboard is a collection of related charts. Initially, you can see a default dashboard, Dashboard 1. Once you start creating more charts, it becomes important for you to keep them arranged. 

To arrange your charts on your dashboard, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Renaming your dashboard

  • Adding a new dashboard

  • Deleting a dashboard

  • Rearranging the position of charts on your dashboard

  • Removing a chart from the dashboard

Renaming your dashboard

You can rename your dashboard as per your needs. To rename the dashboard, select the Dashboard drop-down menu on the left nav panel. Select the "three dots" near Dashboard 1, and then click Rename. Now, edit the name of your dashboard. Let's rename it to Revenue.

A confirmation message is displayed.

Adding a new dashboard

You can add a new dashboard, once you create a new chart. You can keep your charts sorted using different dashboards for further reference. 

To create a new chart, refer to Adding your first chart to a model.

Suppose that you have created a line chart showing Capacity.
To add a new dashboard, select + Add to Dashboard, and choose + Create New Dashboard from the drop-down list. Enter the name of the dashboard, and select Add to Dashboard. Let's name the new dashboard as Capacity by Profit Center.

You can see, your chart on the newly created OnPlan dashboard.

Deleting a dashboard

You can delete a dashboard in the same way as you have done for renaming it. Just select Delete from the Delete dialog box

A confirmation message is displayed. 

You cannot delete the default dashboard,
Dashboard 1.

Rearranging the position of charts on the dashboard

You can rearrange the position of your charts on a dashboard. To rearrange the charts on a dashboard, select and drag the chart where you wish to position the chart on the dashboard, and drop it. Select Save to save the changes.

You can see, the charts are rearranged on the dashboard in the order that you preferred. 

Removing a chart from the dashboard

To remove a chart from the dashboard, select the "three-dots" on the top right-hand side of the chart, and click Remove. A Remove dialog box is displayed. Choose Remove from the dialog box. A confirmation message is displayed.

In this way, you can remove your chart from the dashboard.

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