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Basic column types

OnPlan has many column types to choose and you can have as many as you would like of each kind. Here are just a few of the basic ones you can use. (You might already recognize some of them!)

  • Single line text : best for short, unique pieces of text (like the names of rows). If you have a single line text column and you find yourself typing in the same values over and over again, consider converting your single line text column into a single select column.

  • Single select : ideal for when you want to choose only one option from a set of options that you have predefined. You will see a drop-down list of these options when you edit the cell.  

  • Date : you can enter a date. When editing a date, you will be presented with a calendar widget that makes it easy to select a specific date.

  • Number : only accepts numeric values. You can customize whether you want numbers to display as integers or with decimals.

  • Currency : a specific type of number column that formats numbers as currency ($).

  • Percentage : a specific type of number column that formats the number as a fraction of 100 with a percent sign (%).

  • Mapping: a specific type of column that connects two sheets of a model. You can add the data of a row of one sheet to the data of a row of another sheet using a mapping column.

If you have read about some of the different column types you can have, let's go ahead and make a couple more new columns and customize them.

Firstly, we will make a column to track the average length of signed customer contracts. Make a new column, call it "Contract Length," and pick # Number as the column type. Go ahead and click Save, then add in some contract length.

Next, we will make a column in which we can add a base amount in the fx Formula column in the form of Currency. Make a new column and call it "Base Amount." For now, we will leave this new column as an fx Formula Currency column.

At this point, we have more content on the sheet.