Build a model from scratch

You can create a model from scratch even if you do not know what you are creating. But, no matter you can change your model later. It helps to structure your model.

To build a model from scratch, click three-dots, and then select Add New Model. The Add New Model dialogue window is displayed.

Enter the following details:
Model Name: a unique name for each model. You can also use special characters.

Start of Historical Period: date available in Column Z of the time-based sheet.
Start of Forecast Period: months starting from column AA. The calculation is always on a monthly basis.
Model End Date: date available in the last column of the time-based sheet.

Share with others: enter the name or email address to whom you want to share the model.

Select Save to create a new model in the OnPlan platform.

Initially, the model that you have created is empty, just like an empty folder. You need to add files inside the folder. In the same way, you need to add sheets to the model so that you can use the data for forecasting and budgeting. 

To add sheets to your model, select "+ New Sheet" in the left nav panel. The sheet can be either Time Based or Lookup.