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How to add a new column and customize it

Of course, there's much more information that we could store about each of these Pipelines—for example, the contract length, the base amount, monthly calculation. Let's make some more columns that will let us organize all the information we need!

To add a new column, click the "+" button in the header row of the sheet.

By default, this will create a new single line text field called "Column Name" and open up the column customization menu for the new column. Let's rename this column to "Contract length," and use it to know the length of signed customer contracts. Click the blue Save button to save your change. Now we can go ahead and start typing information about the contract length of each row.

To change the column type, select 'three-dot' in the column header. You can also double click the column header.

Next, select drop-down menu to bring up the list of possible column types. You can scroll through the list to find the suitable column type.

If you return to the menu in a single select column type, you can edit existing options, add new possibilities, and select the column type from the drop-down such as Text, Number, Currency, or Percentage. 

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