KPI chart

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) chart gives information about the current performance of the company or an organization. In a Time Based sheet, you can also represent data in the form of KPIs. In KPI charts, you can view the calculated data on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to evaluate the current performance. You can create multiple KPI charts for comparison.

Let’s add a KPI chart to the 'Demo with QB' model showing Sales

In the Chart drop-down menu, select the KPI chart. Enter the chart name as Sales in the chart name field, and press Enter. A KPI box is displayed. Select the KPI box, choose the Software Department from the drop-down list, and select Continue. Choose the year as 2018, quarter as Q1, and the month as March to show in KPI. Once you choose your data, select Create KPI.

A KPI chart is displayed representing the current performance of the Software Department in the first quarter Q1 for the month March in the year 2018.

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