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Linking two time-based sheets together

Linking two time-based sheets together David Greenbaum

A link record represents a relationship between two sheets. These related sheets are stored in the form of a relational database to organize the information. The linking of two sheets depends on your assumptions and calculations.

In OnPlan, there are two methods to link two Time Based sheets.

  • Creating a new sheet, and then linking the two sheets

  • Linking the two existing sheets 

Creating a new sheet, and then linking with other sheet  

To create a new sheet, select the '+ New Sheet' button at the bottom left-hand side of the OnPlan platform. A New Sheet dialog window is displayed. 

To create a new Time Based sheet, refer to What's a column?.

Let's consider the name of the newly created sheet as a Test sheet.

To link to the Test sheet, double-click the first cell of the primary column, add a row name, and press Enter. Let's consider the row name as Software services. Select the first cell of the monthly column, and then click the fx icon. The formula bar is displayed. In the formula bar, enter =, and then add the row name. A suggestive list showing the same row name in different sheets is displayed. Choose Software services of the Income Statement sheet from the suggestive list. Once you select the row name from a particular sheet, it automatically gets converted into an Excel formula. Select the formula bar, and press Enter.

You will notice that you have linked the entire row of Software services of the Test sheet with the Software row of the Income statement sheet displaying the same data consistent horizontally.

Whenever you make changes in the source sheet, the changes are automatically updated in the linked sheet.

Linking the two existing sheets together 

For linking two existing Time Based sheets, select the first cell of the monthly column, click the fx icon. You will see a formula in the formula bar. Select the formula bar, enter +, and then add the sheet that you want to link from the suggestive list as you have done earlier.

Let's consider the existing Time Based sheet - Balance sheet, and you want to update the row Assets by adding the values of the row Other Assets from the Import F sheet

You can see, the values of the Other Assets row of the Import F sheet gets added to the Assets row of the Balance sheet. In this way, you have linked both the Time Based sheets together. 

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