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Making a new view

Whenever you look at your information in OnPlan, you are always looking at it through a view. The default view you get when you make a model from scratch is a "grid view" with no hidden fields, filtered records, or specific sorting.

It's often useful to keep a view like this one for times when you are in the process of adding new information to your sheet, or for when you want to see all of the information in your sheet. However, the name "Grid view" is a little generic. Let's go ahead and rename this view to "Test view," so we know what this view is showing us. You can rename a view by clicking the edit icon in the view bar, then rename the view and press Enter to save the view name.

A broad overview can be beneficial; however, sometimes we need specific data to perform certain tasks such as employees’ salary, department, role, bonus percentage, and start date. Let’s make a different view to customize employee details.

To make a new view, on the top left, select the view name. The view switcher will pop up, which shows the current view as well as the existing view and lets you add new views. 

In the Time Based sheet, select the Series option, and in the Lookup sheet, select the Lookup option in the add a view section of the view switcher.

Series in Time Based sheet and Lookup in Lookup sheet are simple Grid View.
(You'll see options to make other types of views, but let's stick with making another grid view for now.)

You should now have a new grid view called "Test View."

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