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Scenarios & Snapshots


A Scenario is a copy of a model based on different assumptions. You can play with different assumptions using scenarios while remaining in the same structure, logic, and calculations of the model. They differ only in the input values from other scenarios. 

You can create a scenario based on the existing one, i.e., the Base scenario. You can create a High, Low, or Worst Case scenario based on your assumptions.

Let’s create a High Case scenario for the Income Statement that has a total revenue of $2,504,025.

Select the SCENARIO drop-down menu on the top left-hand side of the OnPlan platform, and choose +Create Scenario. The Add New Scenario dialogue window is displayed. Enter the SCENARIO NAME, as High. To create a new scenario from the existing one, choose Base from the drop-down list, and select Create.

A confirmation message is displayed. 

The High Case scenario is the copy of the Base Case where you can change the input values. 

Let's change the input value of the Large Deals by years in the Assumptions sheet of the Input section to 5. 

To change the input values, refer to the Input bar section.

Now, you can see the total revenue in the Income Statement has changed to $4,247,025 in the High Case. You can compare the High Case and Base Case using the Series Compare view. 

You can see, the Deltas showing $210,000 more revenue each month in the High Case than the Base Case.


Snapshots are frozen real-time scenarios. You cannot change the values of a snapshot as the values are static. A snapshot is automatically created each time you Roll Forward your model each month. 

Let's consider that you want to Roll Forward your model from September 2019 to October 2019. 

You can see, a snapshot has been automatically created for September 2019.

The blue line in the date header indicates the forecast month while the white area indicates the actual month.

Next, you can play with some assumptions to compare your business growth in the High Case in October 2019 with the Base Case in September 2019. 

Let's change the input value of the Large Deals by years in the Assumptions sheet of the High Case to 7. Now, compare both scenarios using the Series Compare view.

You can see, the comparison between the September 2019 assumptions and your current October 2019 assumptions. 

You can create a snapshot of the current comparison for your reference. Select the SCENARIO drop-down menu, and choose +Create Snapshot. A confirmation message will be displayed. 

Once you create the new snapshot of October 2019, you will notice that you cannot edit the input values as the values are static.