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The Quickpop columns

The Quickpop columns David Greenbaum

In the time based sheet, on the top right-hand side, you will notice a Flash icon in pink color. When you click on the flash icon, you will see some additional columns with some assumptions and calculations. These columns are called the quickpop columns.

The header of the quickpop columns is highlighted in pink. The additional data stored in these columns are used in monthly estimates. 

Quickpop is available only in a time-based sheet. It is context-sensitive, you will not see quickpop icon in Lookup sheets.

In the sheet, columns M to W is quickpop columns. Data in quickpop columns vary from sheet to sheet.

Quickpop columns are divided into two parts:

  • Mandatory columns

  • Non-mandatory columns

The first part, i.e., Column B - Type, Column C - Format, and Column E - Summarization, are the mandatory columns.

Type is basically a Row Type such as Header, Input, Formula, Total Row, Blank, etc.

The Format is the type of data you want to store in a row. It can be Number (#), Text (Abc), Percentage (%), or Currency ($). Commonly used formats are Number, Percentage, and Currency.

Summarization helps you to summarize the data by Months, Quarters, or Years. You can summarize the data as Sum (SUM), Average (AVG), Start of period (SOP), or End of period (EOP).

The second part is the non-mandatory columns that can be filled or empty. It can be Single line text, Date, Percentage (%), or Single select.

Small quickpop

In the primary column of a time based sheet, you will see the three-dots. When you select the three-dots, you will see a dialog box will be displayed with the following fields: TYPE, FORMAT, SUMMARIZATION, and DESCRIPTION.  This dialog box is called the small quickpop.

The three fields, Type, Format, and Summarization, are also available when you select the flash icon, in the form of columns called the normal quickpop

The only difference using small quickpop is you can edit the bunch of properties in one go for the particular row in the OnPlan platform.  You can add additional information related to a particular row in the description field.

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