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The Table of Contents and the Left Nav

Once you have put together a collection of rich and interesting models, each with many tables, it becomes even more important to know how to navigate the OnPlan interface efficiently. These tips can help save you some time when you need to get the relevant information ASAP.

The Table of Contents

"A table of contents is a list, usually found on a page before the start of a written work, of its chapter or section titles or brief descriptions with their commencing page numbers."

In OnPlan, Table of Contents (TOCs) are categorized into three sections:

  • Inputs

  • Imports

  • Sheets

All the above sections display the information related to a particular sheet in the form of a table.


The inputs section displays the list of sheets with assumptions that are changeable by the customers.

When you expand the input section, you will see a table with the following columns:

  • Name: This column contains a sheet name.

  • Show: This column contains a toggle button using which you can either show or hide the sheet in the left nav panel for customers.

  • Orientation (Icon): This column shows whether the sheet is Time based or Lookup.

  • Found In: This column displays the section in which the sheet belongs.

  • Type: The sheet type, whether Inputs, Imports, or Sheets.

  • Functions: The type of service a particular sheet performs. You can select the function from the drop-down list.  

  • Mapped: This column displays the sheet name that has been mapped with the sheet in the Name column. 

  • Department (optional): This column displays the department name. You can select the department from the drop-down list.

  • Timeframe: This column displays the sheet's timeframe, whether Actuals, Forecast, or Forecast & Actuals.


Input to data from QuickBooks (QB) comes under the Imports section. QuickBooks' information in a model is differentiated based on the sheet name. Sheet name will have a "QB" word.


All other sheets under the Reports & Calculation in the left nav panel comes under the Sheets section.


In the OnPlan platform on the top left, you will see the logo of OnPlan in blue. The logo is linked to the OnPlan dashboard.


Showing helps to expand and collapse the left nav panel. Click on the pointed arrows to expand and collapse the panel.

Then, you will see the dashboard name, or in the case of the sheet, it will be Sheet's name. You can Double click to edit the sheet name. 

Global KPI

Navigation through dashboards drop-down

In the left panel, the dashboards drop-down menu helps to view the charts created from the data in the particular model in the OnPlan.

Navigation through favourites drop-down

Favourites drop-down menu helps to view the sheets that you use more frequently or the sheets that need further investigation. 

You can select the sheet from the model and click the Star icon on the top left-hand side to mark it as favourites.

Navigation through Inputs drop-down

In the Inputs drop-down menu, you will view the sheets with some assumptions that are changeable by the customer. 

The sheets under Inputs drop-down menu are categorized based on the sheet functions such as Revenue, Expenses, Staffing, etc.

Navigation through Imports drop-down

In the Imports drop-down menu, you will view the sheets that input data from QuickBooks. All the sheets with the word "QB" in the sheet name will be listed under the Imports section.

Reports & Calculations

In the Reports and Calculations section, all other sheets that are not present under Inputs and Imports drop-down menus are listed. Also, under this section, sheets are categorized based on functions such as Expenses, Charts, Core, Revenue, Staffing, etc.

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