Welcome to OnPlan!

Whether you're opening your own restaurant, designing a clothing line, wrangling cattle, or managing a record label, OnPlan helps you create anything you can imagine to do the work that matters to you. You decide how you work, and build the perfect setup for your needs.

Unlike a traditional spreadsheet or project management system, OnPlan gives you the power of a super-flexible database to connect your information—and design the perfect workflow—all in one place.

Now you know what OnPlan can do, but you still might not know where to begin—so let's start with what you first see when you sign in to OnPlan.

Main points

  • A model is a database that contains all of the information you need for a specific project and is made up of one or more spreadsheets.

  • There are a few different ways you can make a new model.

  • You can make a model from one of OnPlan's templates or from a model uploaded by another user on OnPlan.

  • You can also make a new model by importing a CSV file.

  • You can also make a new model from scratch.

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