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What is OnPlan?

OnPlan connects to your financial and operational data to allow you to forecast revenue, bookings, cash, and more.

What can I do with OnPlan?

  • Connect your model to 3rd party data sources: See our integrations section and instructions

  • Build dashboards and visualize your data

  • Run budget vs. actuals reports

  • Create what-if scenario forecasts

  • Create model permissions and collaborate with team members. 

  • View month over month performance trends

  • Centralize all drivers for your  model:

  • Review best practice models and SaaS KPIs

  • Reduce errors with structured row and column types and error trapping dashboards.

  • Compare scenarios with Scenario Explorer.

  • Extend your model using Google Sheets formulas.

Who uses OnPlan?

  • CEOs to prepare for and present in board meetings and fundraising discussions

  • Finance teams who want to easily run rolling reforecasts

  • Sales teams who want to prepare revenue plans and assign quotas.

  • Marketing teams who want to model marketing budgets and understand key metrics such as CPA.

  • HR teams who need a smarter solution than Excel to build hiring and compensation plans.

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